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Strengths Movement

Leader of the Strengths Movement in Schools

In 2007, Jenifer set out on a journey across the United States with business guru and strengths expert Marcus Buckingham to set the stage for the Strengths Movement to spread to schools. Her initial commitment began after she appeared on the Today Show and was contacted by scores of parents seeking advice on how to reengage their children in learning. For the past 10 years, Jenifer has helped schools and organizations around the world implement strengths-based programs.



Jenifer Fox has provided expert educational opinions on television, radio and online media. Her interviews and opinions have appeared in graduate thesis, educational books and articles. Ms Fox is happy to provide her expertise to enrich your stories or provide you an article she authors at no cost. Request for interviews can be made to jeniferfox08@gmail.com Or at 870-623-3677.

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Best Selling Author & Keynote Speaker

Jenifer Fox is one of the world’s leading authorities on strengths based education, and how schools and parents can cultivate strengths in children.

Leader of the Strengths Movement in Schools

Since 2007, Jenifer has led a movement in changing how schools view student success. Her programs have reached students throughout the world.

Founding Visionary of The Delta School

Recognizing that the strengths approach is difficult to implement in traditional schools, Jenifer has developed a unique and innovative model to support a culture of student development and success.

Champion for the Maker's Movement

In 2015, Jenifer opened a 6500 sq foot Maker’s Space at The Delta School, putting the Maker’s Movement at the center of the project development and strengths discovery curriculum.

Consultant & Facilitator

Want to work with Jenifer Fox? She has a broad and deep skill set with over three decades of work in school innovation and advancement.

Creator of Projects Using Human Centered Design

Need help creating projects that are truly interdisciplinary, meet standards and excite students? Jenifer is an expert in this area and leads these projects at The Delta School.