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Your Child's Strengths A Guide for Parents and Teachers

your-childs-strengthsFrom one of the world’s leading thinkers and educational keynote speakers on the strengths movement and 21st Century Education, Jenifer Fox’s Your Child’s Strengths is a breakthrough book about children’s innate strengths, the current problems with our school system and practical advice for assuring success. A strength is the thing that energizes a child and holds their attention longer than anything else. When true strengths are discovered, young people can find success and focus for their futures.

Your Child’s Strengths draws on true stories from Jenifer Fox’s 30 years of experience working with young people from around the world. More than a simple advice book, Jenifer’s stories are funny, endearing and recognizable to most adults. Her concise and powerful prose style make this book easy and engaging to read and at the same time is packed with wisdom. Your Child’s Strengths begins with a surprising critique of our current educational system, outlining ways that is unintentionally weakens rather than strengthens individuals. More than simply a narrative, Your Child’s Strengths provides a workbook for parents and an outline of a curriculum for schools.

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The Differentiated Instruction Book of Lists

book-of-lists 21st Century teaching calls for teachers to approach students as individuals and personally rather than as one group, instructing to the average ability student. The Differentiated Instruction Book of Lists is the definitive reference for Differentiated Instruction for teachers in grades K-12.

"This book is perfect for teachers looking to rediscover their passion for their calling." - Jenifer Fox

Ready for immediate use, this handy resource includes more than 150 up-to-date lists for developing instructional materials, planning lessons and assessing students. This book is filled with practical examples, proven teaching ideas and engaging activities that can be used or adapted to meet the wide range of students’ individual needs for 21st Century Learning.

  • Teach with the individual in mind
  • Plan a differentiated curriculum
  • Create strategies for differentiating language arts, math, science, social studies, art, physical education, and health
  • Employ commonly used DI techniques for various grade levels
  • Develop differentiate instruction (DI) classroom management skills
  • Tap into new media strategies that naturally differentiate instruction
  • With this hands-on guide, teachers can meet the instructional needs of all students so that they can reach their full potential.
  • Practical examples, teaching ideas, and activities
  • Includes curriculum design and lesson planning
  • Hundreds of quick tips, methods, and 21st century teaching ideas to deliver truly differentiated lessons