The Time for Change is Now

If student accountibility can be a government mandate, case so can programming to help students discover their unique strengths.

  1. Kathy Short Reply

    There is NOTHING in my sons day at school that comes close to keeping him interested or inspiring him to make an effort. He is bored and feels defeated most of the time. Seems like he is always struggling to keep his head above water, to keep from failing, to keep up with the homework and demands but has no sense of what he is struggling for or working toward. Nobody in education cares what he is good at or what he is interested in or in helping him on the path to self-discovery.

  2. Anne Rarich Reply

    We are a 501 c3 made up of concerned citizens who are professionals in education from all over U.S. who volunteer our time for strength based initiatives. We have been serving for the past 10 years a resource and development role for any group that requested our services. We welcome this initiative and would like to be a part of what is required to shape our positive and resilient future.
    Anne Rarich, President of Living Values Education Program (U.S.)

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