Parents, Need a Concierge For Figuring It All Out?

conciergedesk.jpg I am on a winter holiday vacation with my extended family. We are lucky this year because we a newborn and a year old baby with us. The other kids are still in elementary school. I found myself not only playing part of World’s Greatest Aunt, but I was happy to answer all manner of questions that my siblings had about school, test taking, learning and education for their children in general.

Questions ranged from “How Important is Preschool?” (Answer: it is the MOST important time of school. If parents spent as much money on preschool as they do on college, they would be setting their children up for success in life. Preschool is far more important than high school in terms of brain development.) to “If my child does well on the test does that mean he will do well in school?” (Not always!)

The reality is that there are many questions that parents have about school and education for their children. It struck me that parents need a kind of concierge to go to to help them navigate their way around all the questions they have. I spent most of the past week acting not only as an aunt, but like a concierge. Parents should have people to ask the important questions of–people outside the schools who they can trust to have the inside information on schools and their children’s best interest in mind. I hope you will feel comfortable emailing me with your questions. I can offer plain spoken advice about your children, their strengths and their education.

I hope you develop strong goals for the new year!

  1. Mark Demos Reply

    What a great idea! Parents need others to talk to who know what they are talking about. Not everyone has an aunt like you to keep around whenever they need answers to some of the most important questions they needs answers to.
    The most important questions especially about kids, young kids, are about helping them discover their uniqueness/strengths. Helping parents understand what the best path to growth is, children’s strengths.
    Wouldn’t it be great for parents to have someone they can call on a regular basis to ask questions about how to discover, develop and provide opportunities for their children. An ongoing dialogue with a parent coach or ‘concierge’. Simple ideas and directions about the daily questions of life. That would probably result in a substantial reduction in work for therapists.

  2. Sue Fitzpatrick Reply

    I love this idea, the title of Concierge! I am the parent educator/support/enrichment staff at a Montessori school and coming up with an appropriate title for what we/I do has concerned me. It is parent support, parent education,parent enrichment…Yes. But those things imply more of a one-sided giving rather than a two sided seeking. Concierge…cool!

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