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What Marcus Buckingham did to help us find our strengths, Jenifer Fox now does for our children and our education system.

- Jenifer Fox has extraordinary insight into the minds of young people and an unshakable belief in their potential. She provides a compellingly convincing argument for changing the way we approach children. Designed with an eye on the future, the Affinities Program is as creative as it is necessary. This is the one program that schools and parents must have to ensure success.
- From the foreword by Marcus Buckingham, author of Go Put Your Strengths to Work

Every parent, teacher and every child has a role to play in helping The Strengths Movement change our educational system from a deficit-based to a strengths-based system.

About the Book…

Every action or behavior provides an opportunity to discover a child’s unique set of strengths. Yet America’s schools focus almost exclusively on re-mediating weakness. Fox shows you how to identify your child’s strength based on their actions, how to encourage those strengths once you’ve identified them, and how to help kids implement the strengths they reveal.

Also included in the book is a foreword by Marcus Buckingham, and The Affinities Program, the world’s first four year strengths-based curriculum. In 2007, Fox traveled across the United States as the educational adviser on Buckingham’s Go Put Your Strengths to Work book tour, appearing on the Today Show and speaking to crowds of up to 600 people about the Affinities Program. Now she brings th Affinities Program to everyone in Your Child’s Strengths.

The Damage Zone
The education system has gone wrong.
- Outdated content, teaching methods, and standardization are weakening our schools
- Labeling students according to their personalities and shortcomings weakens our kids
- Presenting college admissions as a zero-sum game is turning schools into anxiety producing machines

Awakening Your Child’s Strengths
We need to change the way we think about and how we evaluate kids’ behavior. Parent and teachers will gain the tools to discover strengths in three main areas.
- Activity Strengths: the tasks that make kids feel engaged and energized.
- Relationship Strengths: the things students do with others that make them feel value and competent.
- Learning Strengths: the unique ways we all approach and understand new information. All three strengths work together to improve individual performance and create future that play to each child’s strengths.

This extensive yet accessible publication includes:

  • A checklist to assess your child’s learning style
  • How to make a family plan for a major life event
  • Exercises, games, storytelling, and pictures to determine your child’s strengths
  • A self-evaluation
  • How to map the past and future
  • A Hands-on Workbook for Parents and Educators to Use with Kids

Based on the award-winning Affinities program, the workbook offers practical, proven strategies that parents and teachers can use with kids of all ages to identify strengths inside and outside of the classroom. Available for discounted pre-order at and at Barnes and Noble.

Notice: This website will be new and updated in the next few weeks. Return in December for more exciting developments, activities and news about the Strengths Movement in Schools. In the meantime, you can obtain a free DVD about the Affinities Program by emailing Jenifer Fox is a available for speaking engagements and school consultations and can be contacted at or 908-439-4012.

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