Hear Jenifer Fox on The Knowledge Economy

Join Jenifer Fox for a fascinating 2 hour Live Online Event on TheKnowledge-Economy.com – a brand new website powered by Hay House on February 26th at 4pm Eastern.

Every parent wants their child to be happy and successful, nurse yet we are consistently drawn to ways of relating to children that prevent them from growing and thriving. In the rush to “fix” children and remediate their weaknesses, medstore we are missing the essential ingredients to a fulfilling life: a focus on strengths.

Whether you’re a parent, drugs teacher, counselor, or just enjoy spending time with children, this online seminar promises to help you see people in a new way and turn deficits into assets. By using the concepts Jenifer teaches you, the children in your life will be empowered to become more accountable, have higher expectations of themselves, and learn the ability to bounce back after setbacks.

Jenifer Fox is an internationally published author, educational keynote speaker and leading innovator on 21st Century Learning. Her groundbreaking book, Your Child’s Strengths, a Guide for Teachers and Parents (Viking/Penguin) is widely accepted as the definitive guide to developing success through a focus on strengths for children. Jenifer authored The Differentiated Instruction Book of Lists (Wiley) and has created Differentiated Instruction, an online professional course for teachers.

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