Discover Your Strengths in 2008

2008 is sure to be a banner year for the Strengths Movement as it spreads across the nation and around the world joining schools, treat parents, herbal businesses and communities around the goal of developing strengths in young people.

I will set out on a second year of touring and promoting the Strengths Movement, as well as publishing the Affinities Program; The strengths-based curriculum for grades k-12 and an after-school program.These materials will be available on this site in February.

Please see this website for information about the tour, the book and the curriculum as well as my blog posts.

Important note to teachers: Each of the presentations on the book tour is designed to provide teachers with one Continuing Professional Development Unit. At the presentation, teachers will receive an Evaluation form and Evidence of Completion forms that will be signed for you to bring to your district to receive credit. Teachers will also receive curriculum materials to bring back to their schools.

  1. fabiana D´Acunto Reply

    I found your article in a local magazine SOFHIA and I deeply agree with the ideas presented in the book. I´m an infant and adolescent psychologist. I live and work in Argentina and the pressure for success and the pressure under which I find my patients is enormous, I sometimes find myself in my office telling the parents MAYBE THIS SCHOOL IS NOT FOR HIM OR HER and I can feel the tension. They feel we are talking about defect, error, mistake, anything that can be repaired and what I´m telling them is to look for another place where their kid can be happy learning. I´m sorry to tell you that this does not always happen, but I keep on trying. I would deeply appreciate your sending me information about your ideas, as well as if the book is already translated into Spanish, I´m planning to start a new center to treat and help handicapped kids as well as their family, and I find this concept absolutely interesting and suitable also to work in the handicapped area. Hoping to hearing from you soon FABIAN D´Acunto

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