Admission Directors Volunteer Strengths

685588-travel_picture-new_orleans.jpg I was honored to speak in New Orleans this past week to over 600 Admissions and school advancement professionals at the SSATB Annual Conference.

As part of the conference, cheap there was an organized community service project. Members and attendees worked to create an outdoor space at a local charter school. And they paid money to do it! This was done in collaboration with a group called Hands on New Orleans.

My observation was that the project allowed everyone to play to their strengths when they chose the jobs they desired. This resulted in a focused team where every member worked at what she felt most engaged by and thus was able keep at the project for a long time. The work was both engaging, a bit challenging and meaningful–the same kind of work students like to engage in. What a great use of time. The conference buzzed about it for three days and no doubt everyone who participated will remember it for a very long time. When people engage their strengths on teams to make a meaningful contribution, the work becomes a joy.
Admission folks, by Sunday evening, I will have a I have a PDF file for you under the the For Teachers tab on the web page. If you download it, go ahead and email me and let me know what you think. Great conference. Thanks for letting me join in.

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