Jeanne's Story – A Workplace Strengths Conversation

I want to share a short story with you. I now own a moving company with my father. I have a relatively new employee (1 1/2 months), my Dispatcher. He is very, very good at some things and lacking in others. The job is extremely stressful and demanding. We are preparing for a trip to Kansas and he almost lost it on Wednesday. He is young and this is his first real management position.

So I had a talk with him about his strengths on Thursday and spent about 5% of the conversation on what he needed to do for his weaknesses.

All day long today it was like he was on speed. My father asked me what did you do to him? You did do something to him Jeanne didn’t you? I told Dad I had a talk with him about his strengths and what he can do to improve them and to help Marrins’ expand in the future. LOL – my dad said can you do the same for me!! At the end of the day, the employee came to me and thanked me for talking to him yesterday and told me he appreciated the talk and felt like he was in an entirely different job!! WOW!


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