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The tour kicked off yesterday in New York. About 200 human resources professionals showed up at the Loews at 68th and Broadway to hear Marcus Buckingham speak, to see Chapter One of his amazing film series Trombone Player Wanted and to learn a bit about the Strengths Movement in schools as exemplified by Purnell School. A great group of people. Lot’s of excitement about Marcus’s new book, Go Put Your Strengths to Work. Jenifer Fox, the Head of Purnell School and a leader in the Strengths in Schools Movement , introduced the film about the Purnell School–a school that puts the theory to action in schools using The Affinities Program, a rigorous, dynamic four-year strengths-based curriculum written and developed by Fox. The tour hits the road by bus, traveling to 19 cities spreading the word about the importance of strengths at work and in schools. An unlikely partnership, Fox and Buckingham met by accident on the internet last June while Jenifer was researching resources for her Affinities Classes. She came across Buckingham’s Trombone Player Wanted and realized he was doing the same thing in business that she was doing in her school. ” I was stunned, ” Fox admits, “I felt kind of silly, really. I was totally unaware of Buckingham’s work, or any of his books. My first introduction to his ideas came after I had written the curriculum, and the first thing I discovered was Trombone Player Wanted. I have seen the first film a hundred times and I am still moved by it.” I think it was the fact that I didn’t know anything about him that made this partnership most exciting for both of us. We both believe that change is in the wind, and the time for change is now.” A series of interactions led them to form a unique partnership to spread the word about strengths in schools and in business.

  1. David Etherton Reply

    I heard about the kick-off event through an email on Thursday evening. I knew I had to be there and revised my Monday morning schedule to accomodate that. The kick-off event greatly exceeded my expectations and I had high expectations since I have followed Marcus Buckingham for the past four years.

    Marcus is an incredibly dynamic speaker and could lecture to a rapt audience about the care of Geraniums in cold weather climates. The message of his recent campaign (cause, movement, revolution) is even more amazing without the superb presentation skills.

    Being a reader of his books and have listened to the audio-book of The One Thing, I am even more impressed that Marcus practices what he preaches, as near as I can tell about all things.

    Jennifer Fox was amazing and can be a star in her own right. The film about the Purnell School and the Affinities program should be provided to all schools everywhere. I can’t imagine anything having a more dramatic and positive impact. Please get Jennifer’s message to the bureaucrats and politicians in Washington, D.C.

    Finally, the video segment for Trombone Player was outstanding. I am ordering the package deal to start a strengths revolution where I work. As Marcus advises, though, I am going to put my oxygen mask on first.

    Rock On, MB team! Good luck as you start small and hopefully fininsh very, very large. Bon voyage and safe travels. And thanks – David

  2. Frank Medlar Reply

    It was cold in Boston, but Marcus and friends were white hot. The new book and training materials are outstanding. I’m locked and loaded, ready to start the revolution at my college. I learned in the lobby, which was buzzing afterwards, that there is going to be a presentation “Go Put Your Strengths to Work” on WGBH on March 14, and it will feature Marcus interviewing some of the girls from the Purnell School. It is scheduled between 7:30 and 9:00 PM. There will probably be some fundraising then, and if we can get enough callers responding, the show will be sent to some 300 affiliates! So, if anyone from the Boston area reads this, start telling people to tune in and pledge or buy something on March 14. The impact can be huge! (I’m sure the good folks at MBC will send the word to their Boston contacts, but why wait.)

    Hey, even if you can’t tune in to WGBH, maybe you could call in and buy a book during that time. It could make a difference. I’ll try to get the number. Frank

  3. Shrikant & Sreedevi Reply

    The presentation went off great in DETROIT on Mar 12th. We are great fans of Marcus writing and being a part of his book tour felt wonderful. It was amazing to see the large number of people and whats more!!!! all of us were there well ahead in time. That shows the kind of pull Marcus has on his followers. And now with Jenifer, this is only going to get stronger. The presentation was great, the impact and program at Purnell School was inspiring.

  4. Shari Ward Reply

    I attended the session in Seattle on March 19 and it left me awestruck! I have long been a Strengths Believer and I enjoyed being in the company of others who feel the same way. We have implemented the StrengthsFinder assessment in our credit union using the StrengthsQuest book and website, and it’s amazing the response we’re getting. Keep up the great work, Marcus and Jenifer!

    Shari :-)

  5. Helena Masar Reply

    The Seattle presentation was pretty much sold out ! The Paramount Movie Theater was packed. I never sit in the first row at presentations. This one I did and it was amazing to look behind me to see the filled seats behind me. I have been on the Strength track for two years now and was very excited about the Live tour. It more than met my expectations !

    Marcus is a wonderful speaker and his message is very clear . It was an honor to meet him in person.

    Jennifer and her school were a pleasant surprise. Immediately following the movie from her school I wanted to jump up and say : “This is exactly what we need. We need to show the younger generation that the strengths path is the way to go.” My mind started spinning with ideas on how to carry the message to other schools across the country. Starting at even the earliest age. My son is 5 years old and I have already started watching for signs of his strengths.

    A couple of years ago I read ” Now, Discover Your Strengths” literally overnight. I couldn’t sleep without finishing it. I shared my excitement with the team I work with and was pleasantly surprised that they all read the book following my enthusiasm. My manager was sceptical about the theory but in the end we pretty much realligned the team based on the activities that each of us enjoyed the most. We became more productive and happier to come to work. Months later our manager decided to leave the company because he realized that he wanted to pursue another passion based on his new discoveries about himself.

    A year after reading the book I was invited to a week offsite to Arizona with another team at our company because they were going through the Trombone Player series. This training experience was yet another great experience.

    I came back to the office after the Live session in Seattle only to find out that there are talks about expanding the training to the global team that I work with at an offsite in Oslo, Norway. Well, that’s all I needed to hear. I immediately followed up with the organizing committee and I am quite sure we are on the road to strengthing our organization globally.

    What a wonderfully happier world it could be if people followed their strengths rather than worried about trying to improve their weaknesses.

    Note : The website : “www.YourLifeYourStory.com” was created because four of us decided to work on something (outside our regular jobs) that made us tick (after reading Now, Discover Your Strengths) . I have linked your website to this site in hopes that the strengths movement gets even more exposure.

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