Strengths Movement Charges from Midwest to West Coast

Detroit, Minneapolis, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, LA, Irvine and San Diego the Strengths Movement gathered a few thousand people over the past two weeks. After San Francisco, Marcus and Jenifer headed to Yahoo Corporate Headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA to rally strength’s zealots. Prior each show, Jenifer and Marcus gather with local influencers from local business and schools to discuss how to jump start what has become a grassroots lobbying movement to change the education system from one that focuses on deficits to one that teaches children to discover their strengths. So far representatives from Yahoo, Best Buy, Toyota, Jobing, independent school heads, Teach for America representatives, and National Association of Independent School President Patrick Bassett have joined in the conversation. Business leaders have a stake the strengths revolution in schools as their future employees will come either prepared to contribute their strengths or deflated by over emphasis on their weaknesses. You are encouraged to confidentially submit your email and zip code to this website to begin the process of building a database to present to legislators. Your information will not be shared. Next week the movement is on to Atlanta, Denver and Texas. Join us today.

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