Jenny Fox is here and over there, too.

In 2008, Jenny Fox, who worked at a school for children with learning differences came out with a book about developing children’s strengths through school programs.  Jenny Fox has shoulder length brown hair with bangs. Her middle initial, like mine is M. She lives in England.

I kept getting calls about my book and questions about the school I led at the time (a school for girls with learning differences) but the details were all wrong. People asked me about a slightly different book title, and a school for grade school students not the high school level where I was the head.  After many of these questions, I did a Google search on myself and discovered my real life doppelganger. 

Imagine the odds of this! I reached out to the other Jennifer Fox and she had already heard of me in exactly the same way I found her. “What if there is one of us in every country!” I suggested.  Gosh, I hope there is. Spreading the message of developing strengths needs an army of us out there.

At the time I discovered this, I believed it was a unique human interest story. I thought we could help each other by somehow joining forces.  Nobody else ( my publisher, editor, publicist) felt this was a good idea as it would be distracting and was a  potential threat to my visibility, reach and well, my profitability.

I believe in an abundant world. The more  we engage in supportive sharing the greater good we can effect. The more we ignite  collaborative efforts, the better.  There is room for us all.

It is my hope that  educational transformers will lend their hands to one another rather than  hoard their brands. Its time we joined forces, came together and cloned our mission rather than allowing our egos to race to the top. We need to share and join together or this revolution isn’t going to happen.

Jenifer Fox is an internationally published author, educational keynote speaker and leading innovator on 21st Century Learning. Her groundbreaking book, Your Child’s Strengths, a Guide for Teachers and Parents (Viking/Penguin) is widely accepted as the definitive guide to developing success through a focus on strengths for children. Jenifer authored The Differentiated Instruction Book of Lists (Wiley) and has created Differentiated Instruction, an online professional course for teachers.
  1. Hala Hibri Amkia Reply

    Jenifer, I am so glad I discovered you on! Every word I have heard or read coming from you strikes a resonates so deeply with me. We keep reading and hearing about what’s wrong with the educational system. You have finally come forth with a brilliant solution and a way not only to create the right educational system but to improve the quality of life as we know it. You have given me so much hope for this generation.

    This blog post just confirmed to me that you don’t just’ talk the talk’, you ‘walk the walk’ too… Yes, I too believe that it is a world of abundance and that collaboration and co-creation of thoughts and ideas are what we need now for a hopeful future. Imagine a generation where such a philosophy were set firmly in the foundation of every child’s educational culture…

    Thank you for creating and spreading this extremely timely message. If you need a ‘Jenny Fox’ in the Arab World, I am passionately eager to sign up to do everything I can to support your mission of developing strengths at a young age.

    “The more we engage in supportive sharing the greater good we can effect. The more we ignite collaborative efforts, the better.”

  2. Heather Struve Reply

    Yes, engage, collaborate and change for the greater good: What, specifically, can we do to make this happen? I watched a news clip of Marcus Buckingham where he exuberantly states that we need zealots! I would LOVE to be a zealot for this educational movement. I am in a tiny town NW of Phoenix, AZ and would love to start spreading the word about this badly needed strengths program! WHAT’S NEXT?!

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