Let's Get Together and Make a Difference

images.jpg So, Here is the idea…it seems so simple really.Why don’t we all look for what is right about the people in the world? Why don’t we believe we can make a difference and then, by god, go out there and make one?
I work with young people. They all believe they can change the world and the only thing in their way is lack of resources and cynics (called adults).
My world is all about waking up one day at age 45 and saying, it is now or never. I am setting out to change the world. Three months later I had a major book deal, a year later, I am leading a movement to change the educational system. Is this “the secret” at work? I don’t think so. This is the result of resolve, hard work, commitment and desire for a better world. We must get kids to focus on their strengths because they are going to have to solve many big problems in the world. We cannot motivate young people to take on these problems unless we give them a positive outlook on themselves and the world.
Perhaps this sounds Pollyanna to some people. What is easy about being positive? Seems as though there is nothing easy about it. It is easy to be cynical and critical of the world. It is much more difficult to get out there and do something. Children do not respond well to cynics–only adults do. Does this make me wibbly-wobbly kind of soft and feeble-minded? I don’t think so, that would be a conversation about egos, not need for action. We have a need for action here. It involves looking for what is right in a person as the first step. That is a significant challenge. It is hard for me, too.

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