Mom's Choice Award Winner Jenifer Fox

Jenifer Fox is an internationally published author, speaker and leading innovator on 21st Century Learning. In 2007, Jenifer set out on a journey across the the United States with business guru and strengths expert Marcus Buckingham to set the stage for the Strengths Movement to spread to schools. Since then, Fox has become widely known as an expert in developing programming with a focus on developing strengths, project based learning, differentiated instruction, school innovation and helping parents understand their children and their schools. She works with schools, nonprofit organizations, and parents helping them understanding both the flaws in our current method of thinking about children and provides solutions for the future.

Her groundbreaking book, Your Child’s Strengths, a Guide for Teachers and Parents (Viking/Penguin) is widely accepted as the definitive guide to developing success through a focus on strengths for children. From this book, Jenifer developed an award winning stand alone curriculum which is implemented as a signature program in a boarding school in New Jersey; as well as 21st Century school model based on applying strengths to real world curriculum. Jenifer’s  Strengths Programs can be replicated by any school wishing to leap into the 21st Century, and she is ready to help schools with that process.  Jenifer has designed a unique interactive strengths curriculum that pairs exciting video with lesson plans and an integrated iPad strengths book. For more information contact Jenifer at 848-702-6686 or

Along with her degrees from Harvard University, The Breadloaf School of English and UW-Madison, Fox brings over 25 years of hands-on teaching and administrative experience to her keynotes and workshops. She has appeared on television and radio and many magazines and writes as an educational expert for the Huffington Post and The National Journal. Additionally, Jenifer moderates the Personalized Learning Group on Edutopia. She continues to be a well received guest at dozens of public and independent schools, annual conferences and non-profit organizations.

Getting teachers to understand how to do 21st Century teaching is sometimes considered difficult. For this reason, Jenifer authored The Differentiated Instruction Book of Lists (Wiley) and has created Differentiated Instruction, an online professional course for teachers.








"Bill Gates says, pick a disease and do what you can to help cure it. My chosen disease is childhood boredom in school. My life’s work is centered around developing ways for young people to grow up to live a good life rather than simply being a reflection of empty achievements”

-Jenifer Fox